GIGALIGHT: 5G Unlocks a World of Opportunitie

The 5G era is coming. It is not only a significant revolution, but also a time filled with endless reverie. 3G and 4G build the connection between people, while 5G will realize the connection between people and things and the connection between things.

Today, people enjoy the fast experience of 4G, but how can we not expect the super-shock brought by 5G era? So how will the 5G era change our lives? Let's feel it together.

Your Can Play the Game Much More Smoothly With Little Latency

In addition to faster network speed, 5G can also help achieve timely responses, with latency as low as one millisecond. This means you can play a virtual reality game with friends from other parts of the world. 5G, coupled with virtual display headgear, which really brings super convenience to gamers with smooth transmission.

Mobile Phones Will Become the Control Platform of Internet of Everything

The typical features of 5G are conducive to promoting the realization of "Internet of everything". AR and VR technologies will be developed in combination with wireless network technologies, thus bursting new vitality. "Tens of billions of devices and objects will be connected to the Internet in the next five years," experts said. At that time, the smart phone is no longer the terminal of ordinary personal consumption. It can be integrated with the wearable devices such as glasses and watches and act as a control platform to provide convenience and intelligent security for users.

5G Internet Speed Is Going to Be Unbelievable Fast

The 5G network data rate will then reach 10G, capable of transmitting data at more than 1G per second. The Internet will be unbelievably fast. It takes less than a second to download a HD film. It means that WiFi will become dispensable.

Mobile Phone Signal Will Be Everywhere

At present, the problem of mobile phone signal strength has been a headache for operators. Although many solutions have been proposed, they are only a symptom rather than a cause. In the 5G era, 5G's powerful signal coverage capability perfectly solves this problem. The signal is "full of blood" whenever and wherever you are. And there's no need to worry about 5G signals in remote mountain villages and distant islands.

Smart homes will become very common

In the 5G era, we're going to have such a life. When you wake up in the morning, the bedroom lights and air conditioning will automatically open; when you come to the toilet, washing water will be automatically transferred to moderate temperatures, digital toothbrush will record and upload real-time data of your teeth and mouth, the car with autonomous driving on the road, you open the video conference in the car and so on. No need of manual, the illume of the home and electric equipment will realize intelligence completely and serve at our life.

Remote e-Health Will Become a Reality

The power of 5G makes remote e-Health come true. Medical staff can diagnose patients remotely, and even operate on them with a robot thousands of miles away. What's more, people living in remote areas can also be diagnosed by well-known experts using 5G networks, which means any patient can find the best doctor in the world.

Autonomous Driving Will Be Safer

The fast network provided by 5G can assist autonomous automotive, which can not only enable the vehicles to communicate with the control center when passing through the road intersection, but also enable them to have a "conversation" with the traffic vehicles. Sensors and cameras on all automotive can record the driving process so that when an accident occurs, it can be replayed from all angles.

5G Highlights More Applications

People are looking forward to the 5G era. Currently, major mobile phone manufacturers are carrying out the testing and development of 5G phones. In addition to enhancing 5G mobile phone functions, AI human-computer interaction is also the focus of future 5G development. In addition, the technologies and applications related to 5G, including the mechanical equipment worn on the body, unmanned supermarkets and containers, autonomous sensing smart homes, and even smart streetlights and trash bins that can read pedestrians, will be the highlight of the future.

Panoramic Entertainment Experience Will Be Opened

Most people could be attracted by the huge screens in the stadium. You can get the same live picture in a smart phone and even switch lenses with 5G. A high-resolution 8K video would be refreshing. There are more angles to watch -- the camera mounted on a player's helmet, the global bird 's-eye view, and the traditional grandstand view switch back and forth, even as a guide.

Large Storage Will Be Meaningless

Although we have entered the era of big storage on mobile phones, big storage will lose its significance to 5G network. The reason is that high enough speeds allow a lot of data to be transmitted in real time. You can get what you need from the cloud. The network has sufficient bandwidth and ultra-low latency, which allows software to be installed on the cloud servers. The mobile phone can be used to transmit commands and receive images. Big storage is no bigger than 5G speed.


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